mercredi 26 septembre 2012

25.09 art and design without design

I didn't write anything on Monday because it was a strange day and I had almost nothing to show. I was shopping! Okay, I also saw nice places like Williamsburg, the hipster place in Brooklyn. But yet I know it's better to pay 12 dollars for a museum, because during that time, you can't spend more money...
So yesterday I've been to the MAD – Museum for Art and Design. The visit began on the 6th level in the artist residence: each day, an artist of NYC works there and explains his work to visitors. Quite nice. Yesterday, Trong Gia Nguyen was there with his cake paintings and shoe project...

In the lower levels, you can see the Duke Doris collection for islamic art and a special exhibition about Native American and their work.
May I present you


And because you deserve it: two pictures of Manhattan taken from Brooklyn yesterday.
It the staircase, a collection of glass. Yes of course, it was a museum for Design also.
You can imagine how disappointed I was to find, just at the end, the jewelry gallery closed! It was the reason for me to come. 

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