samedi 27 octobre 2012

new / old

Voici deux petites choses déjà anciennes mais dont j'ai reçu les exemplaires il y a peu.

1 – le plus volatile: le foyer pour le cinéma ouvert pour un jour en juin 2012 par la classe de typographie. J'avais déjà publié les maquettes, voici ce que donne l'impression en sérigraphie rose et argent sur papier 70g. Perforation et prédécoupage permettent de détacher les tickets de cinéma imprimés au dos du flyer.

2 – le plus vieux: Werner Schmalenbach par Eduard Beaucamp, collection Energien | Synergien, maison d'édition Walther König, Köln. Mise en page lors de mon stage chez LMN Berlin en mai 2011!

dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Come back

Hallo! Bin wieder in Leipzig und kann endlich ein paar gedruckte Sachen hier zeigen, die noch im Prozess waren. Also erstmal allaphbed#16.
allaphbed ist eine Reihe des Instituts für Buchkunst Leipzig, die Vorträge wiedergibt.
Es handelt sich hier um Epistemogramme von Prof. Dr. Christof Windgätter.
Den Text habe ich gesetzt, natürlich gab es Vorgaben (Schriften Kîs und Berthold Grotesk, Pantone-Farbe für das Cover usw.)
Hier ein paar verschwommene Fotos.

enfin imprimé
livrets de l'institut du livre de Leipzig
conférence donnée par Christof Windgätter
fontes Kîs et Berthold Grotesk

vendredi 5 octobre 2012


Back in France! I just wrote a list of things I couldn't take pictures of. So I found it interesting/funny/strange to:

* be in a place for the first time and recognize it
* use a 28th floor bathroom
* have a cup of soup at Alice's Tea Cup
* buy first hand Levi's jeans
* take a NY taxi
* take a non NY taxi
* dance on a roof top at Le Bain
* have brunch at 2 pm
* eat "organic", drink organic bear
* watch movies on Netflix
* understand the express/local subway system
* understand the East/West streets system
* go to church in english at Saint Paul the Apostel
* go to church in french at Saint Vincent de Paul
* hear the police all the time
* find the police sounds like kids games
* been asked how I am in each shop
* answer "Fine, and you?" and hear "oh thank you to ask!"
* hear (read from an iPad) Rosh Hashana prayers
* go to an "off Broadway" show
* and understand most of it
* go to an american cinema to see an american movie with 300 other people
* eat burgers to compare them
* visit a three floors apartment
* wash cloths in the basement
* be to warm in the station, to cold in the subway
* hear people speaking french all the time in the city
* and even more in the museums
* see a Caravaggios painting in the Met, and paintings by Maurice Denis, Degas, Frans Hals, Memling, Raphaelo, Van Gogh, Monet....
* get in museums with my german student card
* find half of the Whitney + of the MAD + Guggenheim + ... closed
* hear a concert at the Rock Wood Music Hall
* wake up and know it's already the afternoon in France
* go to bed and think they maybe wake up in France
* give my last paper for the art school per internet (thanks, Annegret!)
* get orange nails in a nail spa
* see NYC under the sun, under the rain, by night, in the morning...
* take pictures everyday
* post on this blog
* receive feedback

mercredi 3 octobre 2012

02.10 MET, but really this time

The egyptian department of the Met.

Temple of Dendur.

A fighting Gaul, 2nd century.
Herakles,  A.D. 68-98.

The interior of a bronze greek chariot, 6th century.

  • Diana the Huntress, Giampetrino, 16th century.
  • MerrymakersFrans Hals, 17th century.
  • A maid asleep, Vermeer, 1656.
  • Young woman with ibis, Degas, 1860.
  • Still life with apples and peaches, Fede Galizia, 1607.


lundi 1 octobre 2012

01.09 Guggenheim

The new exhibition (Picasso black and white) has to be prepared so the hole rotunda of the Guggenheim is closed till saturday, mist!