mardi 18 décembre 2012

Tu viens d'où?

Un petit texte sur le fait d'oublier sa langue maternelle, paru dans l'édition du journal de l'école intitulée "Where is home?".

dimanche 9 décembre 2012


Cette année, pas le temps de faire une vraie collection, donc je me suis concentrée sur une couleur, le jaune paille.
Émail sur cuivre, pierres semi-précieuses, cuir.
Keine Zeit diese Jahr, um eine richtige Kollektion zu machen, also hab ich mich auf eine Farbe – "Strohgelb" – konzentriert.
Email auf Kupfer, Halbedelsteine und Leder.

vendredi 9 novembre 2012

copy & re:peat

Échange entre la Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig et la Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts coordiné par Katrin von Maltzahn, Joachim Blank et Thomas Locher.
Galerie: BKS Garage, Copenhague

Durée de l'exposition: 4 – 24 novembre 2012

Le travail présenté ici a été réalisé en collaboration avec Tabea Nixdorff et Ann Richter comme aperçu du futur catalogue. Les posters présentent l'agrandissement d'une page – imaginaire – d'un des chapitres de cette publication: catalogue/essais/glossaire/coordonnées des artistes. Chaque chapitre reprend la maquette d'un standard du genre; catalogue "When attitudes become forms" de Harald Szeemann, Reclam-Buch (une collection de livres de poches bon marché donnée comme référence dans les écoles), dictionnaire Duden, annuaire de New York.
Les mêmes pages sont mises à disposition des visiteurs de l'exposition dans des blocs de format A4, imprimés en bleu sur rose et donc impossibles à copier pour une photocopieuse classique.
Le catalogue est prévu pour la deuxième exposition qui aura lieu à Leipzig en janvier 2013.

lundi 5 novembre 2012


Premières impressions de Copenhague: cimetière, Palads, Designmuseum. Plus de photos à venir! 

samedi 27 octobre 2012

new / old

Voici deux petites choses déjà anciennes mais dont j'ai reçu les exemplaires il y a peu.

1 – le plus volatile: le foyer pour le cinéma ouvert pour un jour en juin 2012 par la classe de typographie. J'avais déjà publié les maquettes, voici ce que donne l'impression en sérigraphie rose et argent sur papier 70g. Perforation et prédécoupage permettent de détacher les tickets de cinéma imprimés au dos du flyer.

2 – le plus vieux: Werner Schmalenbach par Eduard Beaucamp, collection Energien | Synergien, maison d'édition Walther König, Köln. Mise en page lors de mon stage chez LMN Berlin en mai 2011!

dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Come back

Hallo! Bin wieder in Leipzig und kann endlich ein paar gedruckte Sachen hier zeigen, die noch im Prozess waren. Also erstmal allaphbed#16.
allaphbed ist eine Reihe des Instituts für Buchkunst Leipzig, die Vorträge wiedergibt.
Es handelt sich hier um Epistemogramme von Prof. Dr. Christof Windgätter.
Den Text habe ich gesetzt, natürlich gab es Vorgaben (Schriften Kîs und Berthold Grotesk, Pantone-Farbe für das Cover usw.)
Hier ein paar verschwommene Fotos.

enfin imprimé
livrets de l'institut du livre de Leipzig
conférence donnée par Christof Windgätter
fontes Kîs et Berthold Grotesk

vendredi 5 octobre 2012


Back in France! I just wrote a list of things I couldn't take pictures of. So I found it interesting/funny/strange to:

* be in a place for the first time and recognize it
* use a 28th floor bathroom
* have a cup of soup at Alice's Tea Cup
* buy first hand Levi's jeans
* take a NY taxi
* take a non NY taxi
* dance on a roof top at Le Bain
* have brunch at 2 pm
* eat "organic", drink organic bear
* watch movies on Netflix
* understand the express/local subway system
* understand the East/West streets system
* go to church in english at Saint Paul the Apostel
* go to church in french at Saint Vincent de Paul
* hear the police all the time
* find the police sounds like kids games
* been asked how I am in each shop
* answer "Fine, and you?" and hear "oh thank you to ask!"
* hear (read from an iPad) Rosh Hashana prayers
* go to an "off Broadway" show
* and understand most of it
* go to an american cinema to see an american movie with 300 other people
* eat burgers to compare them
* visit a three floors apartment
* wash cloths in the basement
* be to warm in the station, to cold in the subway
* hear people speaking french all the time in the city
* and even more in the museums
* see a Caravaggios painting in the Met, and paintings by Maurice Denis, Degas, Frans Hals, Memling, Raphaelo, Van Gogh, Monet....
* get in museums with my german student card
* find half of the Whitney + of the MAD + Guggenheim + ... closed
* hear a concert at the Rock Wood Music Hall
* wake up and know it's already the afternoon in France
* go to bed and think they maybe wake up in France
* give my last paper for the art school per internet (thanks, Annegret!)
* get orange nails in a nail spa
* see NYC under the sun, under the rain, by night, in the morning...
* take pictures everyday
* post on this blog
* receive feedback

mercredi 3 octobre 2012

02.10 MET, but really this time

The egyptian department of the Met.

Temple of Dendur.

A fighting Gaul, 2nd century.
Herakles,  A.D. 68-98.

The interior of a bronze greek chariot, 6th century.

  • Diana the Huntress, Giampetrino, 16th century.
  • MerrymakersFrans Hals, 17th century.
  • A maid asleep, Vermeer, 1656.
  • Young woman with ibis, Degas, 1860.
  • Still life with apples and peaches, Fede Galizia, 1607.


lundi 1 octobre 2012

01.09 Guggenheim

The new exhibition (Picasso black and white) has to be prepared so the hole rotunda of the Guggenheim is closed till saturday, mist!

dimanche 30 septembre 2012

29.09 going out

After a new visit at the book fair, I discovered a nice irish pub with friends of mine. At the Lillie's, musicians play irish music every saturday afternoon. The place is in the victorian style.Very nice, even if they don't have hot chocolate!Why did I write "going out"? Because Yesterday evening was my first real party evening. We went to Le Bain, a club with a roof top from where you see the whole city. There is also a pool there, that's why it's called like that. Electro music, crêpes and skyscrapers.

vendredi 28 septembre 2012

28.08 Art Book Fair

The art book fair opened yesterday in Brooklyn in the PS1 (PS for Public School, yet a part of the MoMA). I planed to come every day and it was right because today I just had time to see a small part of the exhibition. In the schoolyard, a lot of independent publishers had a stand. Two examples of books I found great there.
*– Xeromancy by Terence Hannum, hairs on tracing paper.

*– Signal, a journal of international political graphics & culture, by PM Press.

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

26.09 World Trade Center

I was in the 9.11 memorial. In place of the two towers, two pools have been built were water loudly falls into a big hole. All names of the victims are written in metal all around the pools. It's a well-done thing, I think, and it will be interesting when all constructions of the World Trade Center towers will be finished. Then the visitors would only here the waterfall.I also went to the Whitney Museum and was disappointed. Half of the museum was closed or only for members. And the rest left me cold. That's not completely true, because the Yayoi Kusama exhibition had interesting paintings and drawings. But since the japanese artist worked on his obsessions, I felt sometimes not in the mood to look at the artworks. Maybe it's something I should have seen another day.

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

25.09 art and design without design

I didn't write anything on Monday because it was a strange day and I had almost nothing to show. I was shopping! Okay, I also saw nice places like Williamsburg, the hipster place in Brooklyn. But yet I know it's better to pay 12 dollars for a museum, because during that time, you can't spend more money...
So yesterday I've been to the MAD – Museum for Art and Design. The visit began on the 6th level in the artist residence: each day, an artist of NYC works there and explains his work to visitors. Quite nice. Yesterday, Trong Gia Nguyen was there with his cake paintings and shoe project...

In the lower levels, you can see the Duke Doris collection for islamic art and a special exhibition about Native American and their work.
May I present you


And because you deserve it: two pictures of Manhattan taken from Brooklyn yesterday.
It the staircase, a collection of glass. Yes of course, it was a museum for Design also.
You can imagine how disappointed I was to find, just at the end, the jewelry gallery closed! It was the reason for me to come.