jeudi 20 septembre 2012

19.09 Morgane-Central-China

I went to the Morgane Library on the 37th street. Unfortunately, it wasn't allowed to take pictures but I just can recommend to see it because it's a beautiful place (old and new together, the last part is by Renzo Piano) an amazing collection of books, paintings and archeological pieces. So for example you can see Memling and Peruggiano paintings or 3 Gutembergs bibels!
There are also exhibitions. Yesterday, I saw "Churchill and the power of words" and "Albers and the homage to the square".
In the Afternoon I took a calm time in Central Park with a friend, eating frozen yoghurt and walking.
And I went to Chinatown and Little Italy. In little Italy it was the San Gennaro festival so the streets were like a green-white-red market for sausages, cheese and candies. I didn't want to try anything...
I continued on the Mott and East Broadway streets, were Chinese live and sell fish, mushrooms and a lot of strange things! I never was in China but I must be like that.

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